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Workers' Compensation Insurance Defense

Ajayi Law Group provides aggressive case litigation, detailed case analysis and periodic status updates, copious depositions, thorough preparation, all in an effort to identify and apply our defenses.

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California’s “no-fault” workers’ compensation system requires employers, insurance carriers, and third-party administrators to shoulder the burden litigation costs as a benefit to injured workers notwithstanding the veracity of a claim. As such, employers, insurance carriers, and third-party administrators favor cost saving efforts in claims adjudication and litigation to ensure the continued survival of employers, and insurance carriers alike.

Ajayi Law Group provides a thorough analysis of each claim, seeking to identify all applicable defense(s), identify any third-party liability issues, and identify any existing joinder issues under Cal. Lab. Code section 5500.5 . We are fully prepared to litigate claims of subrogation on behalf of our clients. Additionally, we will move to join any other potentially-liable party to an action subject to Cal. Lab. Code section 5500.5 to reduce exposure to our clients.

With thorough preparation, Ajayi Law Group provides aggressive case litigation, detailed case analysis with periodic status updates, copious depositions, and discovery tactics, all in an effort to defend the interests of our clients..

Management paperless database that allows real-time access to case files and up to date research options.
Attorney access to entire file system via email, cell phone and office contact.
Assigned to a dedicated attorney with full knowledge of the case to eliminate delays and redundancies.
Effective discovery tactics relative to Applicant and doctor depositions, subpoenaed records, sub-rosa investigation, record production and defense(s) against unreasonable duplicative subpoenas from opposing counsel.
Lien and other cost related issues are addressed and/or litigated concurrently with the case-in-chief in order to expedite full file closure(s).
Effective claim defense(s) and litigation/trial strategies that ensure the client’s best interests are considered before Workers’ Compensation Administrative Law Judges.
Representation at all Boards throughout California.
Low fee rates allowing for aggressive discovery including witness meetings, cross-examinations, and depositions.
Effective negotiation skills providing for cost effective settlements of case-in-chief issues, contribution issues, subrogation issues, and lien issues.
Effective record review management system resulting in reduced medical-legal reporting fees pursuant to the Medical-Legal Fee Schedule.
Effective and expedient attorney-client communications on all issues within a case. Ease of access to handling attorney via telephone, email, and/or cell phone.
Clear and precise litigation strategies tailored to custom fit each individual case geared towards bringing matters to swift resolution in order to reduce client liability, exposure, and cost.
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  • General Motors Corporation
  • Pride Industries
  • HCR Manor Care, Inc./Heartland Employment Services, LLC
  • City of Whittier Police Department
  • City of Upland Police Department
  • The Allegis Group
  • So. Cal. Sanitation
  • City of Coronado
  • City of Cudahy
  • Corteva Agriscience
  • American International Group
  • Nordson Corporation
  • Illinois Tool Works, Inc.
  • Boerner Truck Center
  • Toyota Motor Sales of San Bernardino
  • Toyota of Orange
  • Spectra Company
  • Oakland Athletics
  • Sedgwick Claims Management
  • Broadspire
  • Keenan & Associates
  • ESIS
  • Casualty and Property Insurance Company of the Hartford
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • Old Republic Insurance Company
  • Harco National Insurance
  • North River Insurance Company